Dr Ian Truelove
Leeds School of Arts
Leeds Beckett University

Recent projects:  

Experimental AI artworks: These artworks were created by first painting images by hand, very slowly, over hundreds of hours. These paintings were then bred very quickly into a multitude of variations using various AI image engines. The resulting artworks are both slow and human, and fast and algorithmic. No text prompts were input into the AI engine the only direction provided was in the form of the original handmade paintings. 

Blockchain data visualisations: These animated artworks were created using variety of experimental algorithms that were made to sample public domain historical paintings. 

Trading cards: EOS blockchain transaction data determine the nature of transitions between pairs of trading cards originally issued in the late 1800s. 

The above artworks are on Voice, here:  


Older artworks  


Trading cards on OpenSea: Ethereum transaction data drive transitions between trading cards:  

The Stars of the Stage series

The Boxing Positions series

The Acresses series

The Histories of Poor Boys and Famous People series


Bitcoin merkle roots drawings and paintings generated from Bitcoin data

SARS-CoV-2 a non-scientific visualisation of Covid-19 variant sequences   

FoamAR an AR artwork for Inscription, the Journal of Material Text

Skinscape a VR artwork on Steam

Human-Machine two stories co-authored with an AI engine.

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